Holiday Gift Ideas for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomer Gift IdeasAre there any Baby Boomers on your Christmas gift list? Anyone born between 1946 and 1964 qualifies in the group, which is made up of some 81 million Americans. Even the youngest Boomers are starting to qualify for senior citizen discounts on the Denny’s menu. And none too soon, since seniors are earning far less in Southern California, where Reverse Mortgage Certified is located, than necessary to make ends meet. So, this year, as you assemble your gift-giving “to do” list, consider these ideas, which could help brighten the holiday season for a senior you love:

Consumable Gifts
Senior Citizen Gift

People of all ages have favorite sweet or savory foods they love to stock up on. Consider either a one-time purchase or an annual subscription for cheese, nuts, fruit, candy, wine or flowers.


Holiday Gifts SeniorsSince most Baby Boomers have lots of “stuff,” think outside of the box this season. Instead of buying them something they’ll have to store and dust, invest in a bucket list item, such as indoor skydiving, bowling or handmade gift certificates good for time with their grandkids. Or, how about a gift card good for a nice meal out?

HobbiesBaby Boomer Hobby

Does your gift list include someone who likes to quit, crochet, knit or garden?  Activities such as these require materials. So, purchase basics like yarn, needles, seeds or saplings. If hobbies aren’t their thing, maybe that’s because they haven’t figured out how they want to spend time during retirement. The holidays are a great opportunity to provide a few ideas as well as associated materials.


Senior ClassesIt’s never too late to learn. So, enroll your Baby Boomer in a class or pre—pay for something at the local college or community center. If mobility is an issue, consider an online class. No matter their interest, webinars provide infinite options, such as cooking, dancing, piano, guitar, photography, creative writing…to name a few!


Photos of loved ones or other reminders of shared experiences, such as shadow boxes, are great gifts for Baby Boomers. Take advantage of apps or websites that turn stacks of digital pics into personalized books, mugs, tote bags or clothing. Other ideas include objects from the past that have emotional meaning. Memory Gifts Seniors

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